Karin Bruckner | Cracked Heels, Callus and Heel Fissures
Cracked Heels, Callus and Heel Fissures
Cracked Heels, Callus and Heel Fissures
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Treatment for Cracked Heels, Callus and Heel Fissures

Dry, cracked heels are not only unsightly and embarrassing but can often be a source of pain. The good news is that baby smooth heels are achievable with the help of a podiatrist and maintained by using Medipod Foot Repair cream.

When the skin around the heels becomes thickened or dry, it loses its suppleness and elasticity and can split under simple pressures. This can lead to unsightly, painful and even bleeding, cracked heels. Other causes of increased pressure include prolonged standing, pregnancy or excess weight.

Causes of Cracked Heels

    • Walking around barefooted or in footwear such as thongs, slingback or open back sandals which dry out the feet.
    • Skin type is often genetic. Some heels get very thick calluses but don’t crack, whereas others have no calluses at all but crack badly after a day on the beach.
    • Standing all day on your feet at work or home, especially on hard floors.
    • Increased weight and additional pressure on the heels causes calluses. With increased weight the heel is also required to expand more and hence can often crack more.
    • Ill-fitting shoes or sandals that don’t support the heels from expanding sideways under pressure.
    • Unhygienic circumstances or conditions as such as fungal infections.
    • Unhealthy, dry, scaly skin that can be caused by climate, such as low humidity during dry summers or cold winters.
    • Deficiency of vitamins, minerals, zinc, and malnutrition.
    • Hormonal Conditions such as hypothyroidism or oestrogen imbalances.
    • Circulatory problems.


Most minor cracked heels can be treated at home but for the best results, Karin can remove the dead skin from your feet in just 30 minutes, leaving them soft, smooth and ready for sandals. Along with a tube of Medipod Foot Repair Cream patients are able to continue to care for their feet at home. The ingredients are specifically formulated to exfoliate chemically, moisturise and maintain that soft, supple skin on your feet and keep them free from infections.